materials: SEAGLASS

we use only natural seaglass. the shapes and textures of the glass are created only by waves, sand, and stone. we never cut, polish, tumble, shape, or smooth the glass in anyway. we are one of the first and only jewelers still using 100% real sea glass. most of the glass we use is found on the shores of local maine islands. we have traveled to many beaches in other parts of the world to add to our stock as well. occasionally we purchase glass from respected natural seaglass dealers.

each piece of seaglass jewelry is custom made and completely unique. seaglass varies in color and price and is subject to availability.

customers are encouraged to provide seglass from their own collections for an even more personal piece.


materials: METALS

if a certain style will be worn against the skin or clothes, or if needed for structure, the setting is usually backed. the actually accentuates the color and glow of the glass, which gets dulled when on darker colors. some earrings are left open to catch the light.

we often use sterling silver on the back of our 14kt bezels. this adds strength and cuts down on cost. it is not visible when worn. if you prefer all gold, please contact us for a quote.

materials: DIAMONDS

diamonds generally range from 2.5-3mm in size. they are s11-s12 quality. flaws are only noticeable with magnification. they are colorless (g,h,). other grades available by request. we are happy to work with your diamonds, too. (we have created many diamond and seaglass engagement rings.)

caring for your SEAGLASS jewelry

professional cleaning: if at anytime your piece of jewelry looks dull or tarnished, please send it back to us for a sprucing up. we are happy to make it like new for no charge.

to clean at home: use a silver cleaning cloth or a q-tip dipped in tarnish remover and gently wipe around the setting. never dip the piece in remover. also, minimizing immersion in water will keep the silver under the seaglass clean.

chips & cracks: we hardly ever have instances of the seaglass getting chipped or cracked. (after all, it spent years rolling on the ocean floor with rocks and sand.) that said, dropping or banging against hard surfaces may break the glass. we are happy to replace the piece. please contact us for an estimate.

lose an earring? we can generally get very close to matching a lost earring. just send the mate back to us to compare.

"no one in the world has elevated the perception of sea glass more than jeweler lisa hall." -c.s. lambert, a passion for sea glass